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Owning a Racehorse

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Horseracing used to be known as "The Sport of Kings", but such is its popularity in this modern era that it is not now only reserved for the elite. The love and passion of the sheer beauty, grace and breathlessness of thoroughbred horses drives an ever-increasing number of people to get involved in racehorse ownership. Racehorse ownership though is not just an investment rather it can be a source of great pleasure, recreation and entertainment.

At Lilac Farm we have owners from all over the British Isles and as far afield as Jersey in the Channel Islands. It is a great privilege to work together and to see horses fulfilling their potential on the track.

The different types of ownership provide for a range of opportunities to get involved in "The Sport of Kings":

  • Sole Ownership
  • Racing Partnership
  • Joint Ownership
  • Company Ownership
  • Leasing

Further information is available at the British Horseracing Authority. Please do not hesitate to contact us to explore the options available.